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Soaring, a phoenix to Miriam - swing Dragon Field
With Long field / Phoenix field two distinctive 18-hole golf course
Long Course, Phoenix Golf Course is Engineering Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Sangpan first-class golf course built in east China
Travel around

Soaring, a phoenix to Miriam - swing Dragon Field
East Standard thirty-six hole club
With Long field / Phoenix field two distinctive 18-hole golf course
Long Course, Phoenix Golf Course is Engineering Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Sangpan first-class golf course built in east China

Haiyan Nanbei Lake

Haiyan Nanbei Lake: The Lake is located on the north bank of Hangzhou Bay, about 19 kilometers to the southwest of Wuyuan Town of Haiyan County. The name was given because a causeway dividing the lake into the part of south and the part of north. It is also named as Yong'an Lake and Gaoshi Lake. It was a bay in the past. Later, it was blocked out to a lake. Rounded by hills at three sides, close to Hangzhou Bay in the south, combining views of lake, hills, river and sea together, it is beautiful and looks like the West Lake in Hangzhou. So it is named also as "the little West Lake ". Its area is about 1.2 square kilometers. The average depth is about 1 meter. There are eight views of Autumn Moon over Gan Lake, Clouds and Caves, Eagle's Nestle in Snow, Tea Mill & Pines, Mengquan Waterfall, Wumen Fishing Flute, Stone Sails and Green Gourds. Especially, the 186.8-meter-high Eagle Nestle Top at the west side is very famous. There is a Yunxiu Hut constructed in Song Dynasty. The Hut is named after a poem of Tao Yuanming of Jin Dynasty, "the poem of returning", which wrote that "the cloud comes out of the cave carelessly. Birds know returning home when they are tied." It is said that climbing up to the top in the early morning on the first of each October of lunar calendar, a wonder of "the sun and the moon together"could be seen. Presently, it is a key scenic area of Zhejiang province. Typical interesting spots: Hills: Yunxiu Hut, Tanxian Stone Town, Eagle Nestle Top Lake: Headstream of the tide of Qiantang River Leisure Activities: Outdoor development training, self-driving, happy farmers' family, leisure fishing, seaside collecting, off-road driving, mountain climbing, etc.

Haining China Leather Town

Haining China Leather Town: Named as Zhejiang Leather Clothes Town in the past, it started the business in 1994. On October 18, 2005, it carried out a move. Presently, its business area is 156,000 square meters and contains more than 2,000 enterprises. The range of products covers various leather products such as leather clothes, fur/leather garments, fur and fur products, cases, shoes, caps, gloves, straps, wallets and leather craftworks. Haining China Leather Town is a leading market recognized by the circle of leather in the country. The sales value of the market is on the top of similar markets in the country. Its styles lead the trend of fashion of Chinese leather products. The trade of leather clothes, fur and fur products plays an important role in the leather industry of the country. The newly developed cases business area has become the largest cases market in the area of East China. In 2004, the sales value of the market reached RMB 5.918 billion, and the market hosted 1 million person times of domestic and international businessmen and tourists. It is a high light of the tourism in Haining.

Seeing Tide at Yanguan

Seeing Tide at Yanguan: The tide of Qiangtang River is named also as Haining Tide, which is praised as "a wonder in the world" because of the sight of "a line traversing the river". The habit of seeing the tide in Haining was formed in Han Dynasty and became popular in Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty. Pan Lang, a poet of Northern Song Dynasty, wrote that "Remembering of seeing the tide always. People of the whole city come to the river to have a look. It seems that the sea becomes empty and all is in the drumbeat. The surf men stand facing the tide, with a dry red flag in hand. When I return, I always see it again in the dream. I am still frightened when I wake up." It is a real description of "the surfing" and "seeing the tide".

The form of the tide of Qiantang River concerns with the gravitation of the moon and the sun. Wang Cong, a philosopher of Eastern Han Dynasty, brought forward for the first time the judgment that "the cause of the tide is the rise and fall of the moon". Afterwards, after long-term study by scientists, it is convinced that the tide of Qiantang River is formed under the function the gravitation of the moon and the sun and the centrifugal effect caused by the rotation of the earth. "Morning tides go away and night tides come; it flows so for sixty-four times in a month." (a poem of Bai Juyi). The tide of Qiantang River comes for twice a day. The first and the 15th of each lunar month have a meridian tide. It takes half a month for a cycle. Especially, the tides from the first to the fifth and from the 15th to the 20th of each lunar month are the greatest. In a year, there are 120 days good for seeing the tide.
Because of unique geographical conditions of Haining, Haining is a wonderful place to see the tide of Qiantang River. When Qiantang River comes to Hangzhou Bay, it is wide and deep at the external part and narrow and shallow at the inner part. It is a typical horn-shaped bay. The site where the river launches out is about 100 kilometer wide in the east. To the west till Ganpu, the river becomes suddenly to 20 kilometers in width. To the area of Yanguan Town of Haining, the river is only three-kilometer-wide. When the tide comes, the wide and deep bay takes a large quantity of water. Because the river becomes narrow suddenly, the tide could not flow flat and the back wave pushes front wave higher and higher and forms a water wall finally.
The tide of Qiantang River described by Su Dongpo as "the tide of the 18th of August is the only one in the world" has formed a tide tracing tourism of "one-tide, three-view, four-sight". At the gap about 8 kilometers to the east of Yanguan Town, you can see "a bumping tide of two dragons". At Yanguan, you can see "a line tide of a white cloth traversing the river". At Laoyanchang about 11 kilometers to the west of Yanguan Town, you can see "a cracking returning tide". In the evening, you can see "a night tide with a drumbeat in the moon", as well as enjoy the fantasy of listing to the tide.
The tide of Qiantang River, a wonder of the world, is a gift of the nature. For hundreds and thousands of years, lots of tourists are filled with admiration subdue. The celebrities including Bai Juyi, Li Bai and Su Dongpo of different generations had left thousands of poems after seeing this wonder in the world. Emperor Qian Long of Qing Dynasty had seen the tide at Yanguan in his six visits to Jiangnan and had left more than 10 poems. Sun Zhongshan and Mao Zedong, giants of generation, had seen the tide at Haining and left the poems and articles. The great tide of Qiantang River impinges against the inspiration of many writers and has left rich documents of "the tide culture" to Haining people who live at the side of the river. Lots of scientific works and literature works form a special historical teaching material.


Former Residence of Xu Zhimo

Former Residence of Xu Zhimo : The former residence of Xu Zhimo is the place where Xu Zhimo, a famous poet and proser and the soul of "New Moon Style" in modern China, and Lu Xiaoman stayed for a short period after their marriage. The former residence finished the construction in 1926. It is a small building of Chinese and Western style. As a key cultural relic protection unit in Haining city, it was assessed by the National Tourist Bureau as an AA tourist spot in October of 2002. The construction area of the former residence is 600 square meters. There are two halls. The main building has three rooms and two storeys. The front building has the side buildings in the east and in the west. The back building has also three rooms. On the roof, there is a terrace. On the top of the gate of the former residence, there are the characters of "the former residence of the poet Xu Zhimo" written by his cousin Jin Yong. In the main hall, there is a plaque of "Anya Hall" written by Qi Gong. At both sides on the ground floor of the main building, Xu Zhimo's family history, all his life, the thoughts and literature activities are displayed to show the short but shining life of the poet. The main hall, the bed room and the study room are displayed copying the past situation to show the family circumstances and living place of the poet.


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